The mmc 996 slot machines can be the only thing inside a casino which can keep the players hooked for hours without noticing the time and money they have put in the game. While it consumes a lot of time from the players, it is also known to be the most rewarding game inside a casino. The slot games are designed to be intriguing with bonuses and catchy sub-games which make the slots the best of all time. Here are the best slot machines according to the players themselves.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune has been one of the most popular slot game around the world for almost two decades. The game features a wheel with awards and bonuses similar to a TV show with the same name. The players can experience the same gameplay experience and rewards with the sound effects taken from the game. The wheel also offers bonus credits which keeps the players hooked for a long time in singapore live casino.

Blazing 7s

Blazing 7s is one of the longest-lasting slot games of all time. It was first introduced in the 1970s and players are still addicted to playing it due to its big pay in and jackpot difference. It is a progressive slot machine game which can offer 1000x times the pay in. The machines offer frequent jackpots which motivate the players to play more on the machines.

Double Diamond

Double diamond is another player’s favourite which is a three-reel mechanical, five-reel video game. It also has its online versions which attract a lot of crowds. Players also like this game because of its classic looks and diamond symbols which work as multipliers. Each time a player gets a double diamond, the jackpot multiplies by 2. The biggest jackpot is hit after three double diamonds.


On the big jackpot slots, Megabucks holds its place as the first wide-area progressive slot game. In this game, multiple slot machines are linked to a single mega jackpot. Multiple players bet from different machines until one player gets lucky and take the entire pot. Megabucks is hard to hit but also offers jackpots in millions. This slot machine is mostly loved by wagers who add value to the jackpot until someone gets lucky.


Cleopatra is another game which has a format similar to other slot machines but still holds a special place over the internet casinos. It is the most played slot game online after online casinos became legal in the United States. The reel has an Egyptian themed number, the eye of Horus, and Cleopatra, which gives it a unique feel. The game has two sphinx symbols which offer a win every time they occur on the reels. Cleopatra was a game which was preferred offline as well as online.